The Business Centre Specialist

 As planned, I retired at the end of March (except for a very small number of existing projects which I will see through to fruition) and will not be taking on any new work.

Since I started working as a consultant I have assisted a large number of centres and business centre groups and I know that the assistance I gave them has been useful.

 The next few months will be very difficult and once the crisis is over, business centres will prosper again as companies spread their risk and both employers and employees have got used to, and embrace working remotely.

Over the past few years the flexible space sector has changed enormously and has been a force in developing businesses and entrepreneurial talent. It has been accepted into mainstream property yet has retained, and indeed, grown its focus on customer service.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working independently and will certainly miss being involved in the flexible space sector, as I am convinced that it will continue to grow again.

Many thanks to all of my clients, and to the exceptional people I worked with in Evans Easyspace and in the BCA.

I hope that you do not suffer too much during this crisis and continue to prosper.

Comments from clients and people I worked with

We are grateful to you Tom more than words can express. It is due to yourself that John and I even met each other. Your insights, help and introductions have been truly fundamental to our business. So, our very deepest thank you for everything.

 Flexible workspace as a sector would not be where it is today without you and your retirement (which is well deserved!) will mean you are dearly missed by many‘

I am sad to see you retire as I have valued your advise and you have been a great help to us, particularly in helping us appraise and launch ’The xxx.’ 

I don’t think I ever really would have got stuck into the serviced offices market if it were not for your advise and encouragement over the years. 

I’ve enjoyed working with you have hope to use the knowledge that you have provided me and my team to take on many more business centre projects in the future.’

Many thanks for your email, and good luck in retirement. Since we engaged you we've seen a dramatic change in our business model, positioning in the market and rental revenues. Indeed it is in having amassed decent reserves since the changes that we're reasonably confident we can weather the Covid19 storm’

We have very much appreciated your advice, connections and support over the last 5 years. The application of your insight and experience to opportunities and our everyday operations has been invaluable to us.  On a personal note Tom and I have enjoyed your straight forward chat, honesty and company - often a rarity in the world of commercial property!’

Best of luck in you retirement and well deserved. If you are ever passing please drop by and say hello.’

May I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones and a chance for you to do the things that you have always dreamed of and to be able to spend your money on yourself – one of my advisors said to me – the money that truly belongs to us is the money we spend on ourselves…Hope to cross our paths soon’

Very best wishes for a long and happy retirement’

Wishing you the very best in your retirement.’

‘Thanks for all your help over the years and enjoy your retirement…….I’m going to run a book on how long before you dip your toe back in’

Things with us are OK.  The serviced offices are going well and since we first opened, we have expanded to 2 more suites with more serviced space and some co-working.  Occupancy is good although we have had a deal fall through and a couple of co-workers have left due to cashflow issues.  They’re all hopeful to return when we get back to normal. 

Thanks for all your help getting us up and running – it would have been so much harder without your input.  I will definitely be in touch to get contact information for Liz and Rob should we need further assistance.

 I hope you have a long, healthy and happy retirement and enjoy spending time with loved ones and friends.’

Keep in touch and enjoy your well deserved retirement’

‘I have enjoyed all of our meetings over the years, and I wish you well in your retirement’

I wish you a new journey of success and happiness in the new page of your life’

‘I hope you’ve got plenty to occupy your time during your retirement so that you can get full value out of it. Richard and I have enjoyed your company and working with you and we wish you the very best for your retirement years, may they be long, healthy and happy’

As always, I express my sincere appreciation for the kind assistance tendered to us over recent years, and I wish you a very enjoyable and healthy retirement!

Do stay in touch!

Really pleased for you that you have decided to step back and enjoy retirement.  I wish you a long and happy one but will certainly miss your face at conference and events.  I still have fond memories (I think) of my stage fright all those years ago at the BCA conference and your support to get me through’

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time together – and very much hope you’ll still “come out to play” on occasion – or drop by when you’re in Bristol?

 Tough times indeed – and agreed that it’ll be good news longer term – assuming we all make it!

 Onwards & upwards & don’t be a stranger’

Thanks for your valuable help over the years and all the best in your retirement’

I wish you a very happy retirement. I have enjoyed working with you very much and you will be a big loss not only to the flexible workspace sector but to the property industry as a whole and I thank you for all the very valuable assistance you have been to me.’

I wish you all the very best in retirement. I think many people wish they were able to do the same at the moment !’

It is a pleasure to know you and your support over recent years has been really appreciated. I hope you will enjoy retirement. Please do let me know when you are coming to London so we can have lunch and a catch up’

Your assistance has been greatly appreciated and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you’

,Tom, have enjoyed working together these past 5 years. You will be sorely missed for sure. Your knowledge and guidance you gave to many will without doubt be sorely missed. I am priveledged to have met and worked with you. Enjoy your well earned break.’

‘Enjoy Tom, and thanks for your words of wisdom along my journey’

‘Hi Tom. Completely agree with your forecast. I believe the future for the flexible space market will be even stronger once this awful period is over. Enjoy your retirement. You will be a sad loss to the industry. It's been a total pleasure to have known you. You're an absolute legend. Take care and stay safe.’

‘Tom its been great to work with you over the years and share a few beers. I wish you all the best enjoy your retirement.’

‘Tom - my very vest wishes to you in your retirement. I always enjoyed your company and counsel and wish you very well for future. Stay well’

‘Hope you are well Tom. Enjoyed working with you during your Evans Easyspace days. Enjoy your retirement.’