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There are a whole host of organisations who can assist Business Centre operators to help them develop, refurbish or simply help them run their centre more efficiently. Just like cost saving solutions, it is knowing who you can talk to. Here are a selection of services I can introduce to you. 

Promotional Videos.

One of the best ways to showcase your centre is to produce a promotional video.

I can recommend The Visual Business Group. Have a look at their web site

or contact John Stephens on 07596 707829 or email

Property Insurance

Every building needs property insurance and working with an award winning organisation I have developed a package specifically for Business Centres. This is not just insuring your property but it gives you the opportunity to make sure your clients are insured and earn fees by introducing them to an insurance package specifically designed for business centre occupiers. Almost all business centres require their clients to be insured but I wonder how many actually check to see if they are?

In brief, the cover offered can include:

  • Buildings.
  • Loss of rental income.
  • Business contents including office furniture, electronic equipment, computers and telecommunication
  • Employers/ Public and Property Owner’s Liability.
  • Engineering Inspections and Breakdown.
  • Legal Expenses.
  • Director’s & Officer’s Liability.
  • Professional Indemnity.
  • Terrorism Cover.

The company I work with also believes in exploring avenues where there is potential for mutual development of business.

Your close working relationship and daily contact with your clients provides the opportunity to offer them other services via an approved supplier. As the licence with your clients includes the requirement to hold adequate insurance to ensure the relevant protection is in place, the need to raise the question on insurance provides the ideal opportunity to introduce insurance services

Their Corporate Team offers advice and assistance in arranging insurance for all general business insurance.  This includes office package and commercial combined policies, business motor insurance, liability and professional indemnity insurance and more. They would be happy to discuss with you how we can put in place a referral programme for the insurance of your clients. I see the benefits of such an arrangement as follows:

  • Providing another income stream for business successfully introduced and converted.
  • Ensuring your clients hold adequate insurance and meet the conditions of your licence.
  • Helps to forge closer relationships with your clients, enhancing the strength of the business community within the centre.
  • Extra income will improve your bottom line

They can provide more information if this area is of interest to you.  If you hold regular open days, seminars or surgery style events for your clients or other businesses within your catchment area, such events can provide an ideal opportunity to market this initiative.  In addition, they can provide literature for your reception area. 


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Commercial Mortgages

The perception in the market place is that finance is difficult to obtain for refurbishments or acquisitions.

I work with two independent, specialist Commercial Mortgage and Asset Finance Brokers who have experience arranging commercial loans. They provide fast, effective and simple solutions, obtaining the most suitable funding for your business needs.

Telephony & IT

Having state of the art telephony and IT are essential in the competitive world of Business Centres.

How does yours compare to your competitors and are you getting the best deal from your suppliers?

I can get you the best advice on the type of system you need for your Business Centre whether it is a new centre or an upgrade to your existing system

It is all about systems

To run a Business Centre efficiently you need to have accurate and up to date information.

To do this you have to have the right systems in place.

There are a number of systems in place specifically for Business Centres and I can advise which one is right for your centre.

HR & Recruitment

In such a labour intensive business, good quality advice is essential

I can introduce you to a specialist HR company I have worked with for years and who can offer businesses a variety of outsourced HR solutions. These range from a retainer basis with fixed monthly fees to “pay as you go” giving the option to choose what will work best and be the most cost effective solution for your business.

Their current client sectors are office space providers, business centres, e-commerce, call centres, automotive retail, retail outlets, hairdressing, medical devices, restaurants and food suppliers, domestic appliance repairers, book keeping and accountants.

Their services include:-

  • Staff handbooks
  • Contracts of employment

  • Employment law and legal advice
  • Performance management
  • Performance coaching
  • Sickness and Absenteeism management
  • Medical dismissal
  • Disciplinary process management
  • Redundancy planning and process
  • Recruitment training
  • Recruitment process and management
  • Grievance policy and appeals
  • Job descriptions
  • Staff attitude surveys
  • Exit interviews
  • Maternity and Paternity advice
  • Legal expense protection

HR Documents

HR Documents  offers small businesses an online solution for HR templates including basic contracts of employment, staff handbooks, a range of HR policies, forms and general letters covering most HR situations.

Pay online via credit or debit card and download your documents immediately.


This is something many business centre operators will not have thought about but first impressions count.

Have you considered having someone proof read your web site, licence agreements or any of the literature which is available to clients or the general public? If you would like assistance I can recommend someone.

Property Maintanance & Facilities Management

It is estimated that the annual facilities management expenditure in the UK is circa six billion pounds. With such a vast expenditure across a wide variety of trade disciplines and service providers, it is no wonder that owner occupiers often find the FM marketplace both complicated and confusing.

Through alignment with experienced and long term partners, the company I recommed take a pragmatic and down to earth approach to FM and maintenance solutions. They offer a wide range of associated services that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Effective and efficient facilities management will not only help you reduce your expenditure, it will also ensure that your properties and working environments remain safe and compliant with regard to statutory requirements, which in turn will allow you to concentrate on your core business activitie

Their range of FM services includes:

  •  24/7 Helpdesk covering all trades and disciplines UK wide
  •  Standard rates and charges with transparent cost reporting.
  •  Pre-qualified, competent and fully liveried tradesman.
  • Compilation and delivery of planned and compliance programmes of work including gas, lifts, emergency light, fire alarm, water, portable appliance, extinguisher and sprinkler inspection and testing.
  • On line management of compliance certification if required.
  • Health & Safety advice and guidance including audits, fire risk assessment, contractor pre-qualification and bespoke training.




And Finally – More lettings

Running your centre efficiently is certainly one of the ways to greater productivity but there is no substitute to increasing your rent roll.

Over the years I have worked with all of the specialist organisations and companies who can assist you in filling space whether it be offices, workshops, virtual offices meeting rooms or co-working space.

It is also about how you brand, present, show, price, network etc which combined produce better letting results.

Call me to find out how I can help.

For details of all or any of these services, please contact me on                      07879 48 58 98 or email me at



















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