The Business Centre Specialist


“Just because you are at work, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a really good cup of coffee.”

How would you like to provide a Cafe Culture experience and service to people at work, in their place of work?

I have a  dynamic entrepreneurial company that has developed a unique Café/Bar Solution for properties with limited or no catering facilities.

They aim to provide a service that is confident, affordable and tailor-made to each specific client.

They recognise that their key to success is the ability to be flexible and commercial in all aspects of our business.

They install and provide a serviced Café/Bar Operation that offers:

  • Delicious, premium branded SilverBean Coffee
  •  A wide selection of hot and cold drinks
  • Healthy, robust sandwiches, sushi and salads
  • Locally sourced bakery products, cakes, biscuits and muffins
  • Hot food including Paninis, soup, Porridge, Ciabatta, Toasted sandwiches and wraps

They insist on using locally sourced suppliers, fair-trade and organic products where possible, and our top quality coffee is roasted exclusively for us. They supply professionally trained staff and use modern management techniques to provide a smooth, efficient and reliable service.

This means theirr clients can depend on consistency of service and product all day, every day.

This would be an ideal concept in a co-working hub.

If you would like to have a  Café/Bar Operation in your centre please get in touch. Ideally it suits a building with 500 people working in it  but there are a number of different solutions available